sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

Waking up dead

   There are lots of songs that have this name " waking up dead, wake up dead" and stuff like that, I've never thought of the real meaning of that, first, because i'm not american and not naturally english speaking, so hardly I would get any metaphor in a different language during my adolescence. Second, I'm started to get maturally smart lately so I think some thoughts come clearer now.
   Today i've woked up dead, basically, I got out of bed, walked a little, then i fell on my knees and everything was black I couldn't stand on my feet anymore, my head was all messy and simply I wasn't understandign what the heck was going on, then after some seconds I've finally start to see the dawn and everything became clearer again, it was 10am and I had overslept.No I've not passed the time of classes or I was killing college, It was a saturday and I had plenty of day to sleep.
   Fact is that yesterday I had a gig with my band and basically was very tired, I played 2 different shows and my voice and body were exhausted.And that's what i think is called Wake up dead, from english.
   Or maybe is just a slang for zombies waking up 3 am and going haunting in the city and eating brains and destroying homes and families, eating children's arms and destroying cars with or without insurance. I don't know, it might be that, well, zombies are as real as metal gigs, aren't they ?

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