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Samsung Galaxy Y Review Part 2



   I did not like the unlock screen, the fact that you drag to any side and unlock, also did not like the shading on the day and the possible locations of where the show date and time. Disliked source in general, and the worst is not present information about the alarm clock on it. The cool thing is that it gives to set a different wallpaper used on the Home screen. Another thing missing from the device is an LED indicating if you have missed calls, sms or is loading, I miss that, had my X10, need not turn on the screen to know if something was lost in it.

   I have not found anywhere where they show the percentage of battery charge, I had to download a widget to display. So far I have not had to test how well the battery him, Peter's Useful Things're pushing me to do the review soon, I futucado it a lot, but the experience with the X10 Mini Pro, Galaxy 5 and iPhone 3G, I can say that the his battery is better than these 3, do not know if this is due to be better optimized Android 2.3 or if Samgung made ​​some improvement. I spent a lot of time with him futucando connected and the battery held up well, I can eventually post something more precise about the battery, and I count on readers to post impressions about anything else on the Galaxy Y.

   The camera of the Y is really a cell phone camera when you take a picture with it you know it's a cell phone photo, there's no way to disguise. I took several pictures here to put in the review and this was the best one. I miss my X10 camera MPro, was not like a real camera but it was better. The Y has 2MP, not that it has anything to do with the quality, alias think this question is more for marketing than anything, if I get my camera and Sony P8 shooting a VGA will be better than most photos taken by cell N MegaPixels. What counts most in image quality is the lens quality, size, and other things. The camera also features panoramic mode, never really wanted to take a panoramic photo, much less with a cell phone, but it is a positive point.

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