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Samsung Galaxy Review

And here I am again making review of a Samsung, I'm looking to Homer Simpson telling stories to children and placing advertising in the middle, to suddenly maybe the staff begin to pay me. This phone was not a donation from Samsung, as well as review everything I've ever done, I had to buy, and Samsung is not paying me 1 cent to make this review, I'm just doing a hobby, to be able to help.

As some know I had a X10 Mini Pro, telephone reasonable but unfortunately is not resistant to fall. He fell a few times this week and the LCD just does not lit anymore, nothing appears, then had to run to the mall to look for some substitute for him. I did not want to spend a lot with a new phone, just wanted to use this as a 3G modem and it had the features of a smartphone, preferably even Android. I bought this unit in Vivo, on one of those planes delivered your soul 60, ​​the kind that you pay 80 reais on the machine and the soul of every month in the form of phone bill. But as I'm having to use the phone too much lately just handing me the postpaid plan. The price of this unit in the store of pre alive thing was 200 bucks, he found a little time in the internet for 150 bucks.

This review is not an advertisement where I talk aspects of the phone, where only speak well or write things like "Samsung Galaxy is a modern mobile phone with 2.8 inch touchscreen, now with 3G technology ...". This review is to tell the experience I had with the device, the negative and positive points, try to make the reader feel the experience and decide on the purchase. If you want to know the features of this device to check the manufacturer's website. If you want an unbiased review, go to a site like the Info. If you want to only read good things about the machine go to a site that is advertising doing it. My focus here is to have the experience of a user and not the views of an expert. Another thing worth noting is that if I say that a program does not work or something is the problem that is valid for my phone today, tomorrow we might skirt a bug fix, it may be that your device does not present such a problem, these things evolve.

The Galaxy Y is a beautiful machine, no unnecessary bends or innovative design and simple as I think it should be. One thing it means problem is that the appearance is much like an iPhone 3G can understand Apple wanting to quit suing around. One thing that is not really a problem, but that could be different is the position of the power button on it, which is the right side. On the other side is the volume button and sometimes you will support the hand to press the power button and just pressing the volume buttons. He has only one physical button on the front of it, the Home button, makes the device look better and simple, but I liked the fact that the Galaxy 5 have a physical button to turn off the connection, this business of touch sometimes the one and travadinha you end up not just off the lead, when a problem falls into the mailbox.

With the exception of the camera that really saddens me, this phone is very good even when compared to much more expensive models that exist out there, after all it is possible to do everything you would expect from a smartphone, read emails, take a browsed fast when it is necessary, use IM programs, even using Skype which by the way is similar to the quality, if not better than connecting via phone, using mp3 player, clock, track news, twets, record voice , see pictures, and even movies, and many other things. If you've read my other reviews, you know I'm not pulling bag, quite the contrary, I usually get very negative points, but this phone really impressed me as much as the quality for the price. I did not want to advertise it, but I have to recommend this unit.

I hope I helped and can also help those who have questions about the device as much about Android, I am no expert on either subject, but I am a user who futuca enough, I also hope to count on help from other readers to answer questions to be made. I ask that you please ask any questions before you deem find at least one key word in the question some of you to see if this has not been answered before.

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