terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

The first thoughts of the Iphone 5

The only and first thought i had about this new Iphone 5 is about the Lightning connector.

The 30-pin connector was used for nearly 10 years Apple products, through it transferred thousands of files, music, videos and apps with great efficiency, unlike competing products from Apple. To upgrade the connector to take up less space on the device and quickly transfer data from Apps, which were growing, was developed in the new connector Lightning.

Unfortunately, using docks and accessories that use the standard 30-pin will have to buy an adapter to make the conversion to 30-pin Lightning. But that just needed a moment of transition: all future accessories will be developed focusing on new cable and connector Lightning.

This is another great proof that this is the perfect time to update your iPhone, again a new standard, beyond the screen, the device was modified. And this new connector is used on all Apple products, also getting more for about 10 years as the previous.

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