segunda-feira, 5 de novembro de 2012

Time is running out

   Have you ever thinked about how little is your time nowadays if you're a average 19 yo person who has a job and studies and have a social life ? Well that's me, I manage to study, work and have my fun. Oh you might be thinking i'm awesome and i'm a very well centered dude.No, I'm not organized and lately i've noticed that my time is running out so quick I have to do almost all the things I do, in the same time and pretty quick. Maybe it is just me, but I think this generation and 20xx years are going to be the most workful and boring years ever, might be because of the technology, or the ethic nowadays, allowing everyone to have an " opinion " and ALL opinions should be respect. Bah, give me a break.

segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2012

Steve Wozniak thoughts about Apple and Android

Steve Wozniak, the benevolent genius who co-founded Apple, responded to some questions of Slashdot and although many responses are consistent with its incredible quietness and open mind, he's got some interesting advice for Apple. Here are some guesses free to Apple, O2 arena of Woz.

Steve Wozniak and Apple.

He would like to have bigger phones.

"I've seen in recent years a small screen in the middle of several big screens and felt, as others have, that larger screens has more value. Blame me for suggesting that this is one of the ports that Apple left wide open. iPhones are not inferior to other smartphones, and the cost is similar. 6 iOS is not less than Android. We can all live with one of them. I never said such a thing about Windows. So it has to be some reason for Apple to lose so many sales to other products. " Said him.

About coming back to Apple

"Apple is quite complex. I like simplicity. I enjoy doing what I am good, that is to enjoy technology. I honestly don't feel that I can do better than anyone else in a position at Apple. Jobs had the ability to make things happen and to influence them. If there is something that I will certainly be of great help for Apple, I'll be there in an instant, because Apple is number one in my heart. "

About open and closed source

          "There is no right opinion. I'm more through the opening. I believe you can create more innovative and better new products even when they are opened. But I could be wrong. Open products tend to be more complex. I suggest that maybe 80% of us or more technological ignorant and afraid to admit how little we know. I'm thinking about our mothers and fathers on this issue. Apple is a paradise for them are not confuse"

He would like Itunes on Androids

"Apple actually grew from the small market share of the Macintosh company for today's iProdutos starting with iTunes and the iPod. This turned out to be a second big deal that doubled the size of Apple. If you remember, we adapt the iTunes for Windows. We now have achieved 100% of the global market with this integrated system (iPod/iTunes) and this started the era of Apple that we are now. So why don't we adapt the iTunes for Android? Something is closed? I love Apple products and iTunes, and I want them in my products with Android as well."

Wozniak then really says it raw that he loves Androids, funny heh.

So that's it for now guys, we can all be dreaming about Wozniak's comeback to apple, but apparently it's not going to happen since he doesn't think he can do something good in there, saying that Jobs had the power to do that and influenciate people, while living. We can only pray ! I can't stand these iphone's without any other new improvement or really great difference, like Jobs used to do when he was the Director of Apple. After his death things have changed drastically, I hope people see it as I do.

Apple Icons Curiosity

Did you know there are things in Apple's icons, that can be related to easter eggs in games that you probably have never think'd about ? Here, let's take a look on it !


The Maps application has a red pin on one street, have you ever thinked  about which street is that ? ever ? Well that's the HQ of Apple, in Cupertino, California.

As if that one wasn't enough of a easter egg by Apple, what about this one ? have you ever read that Mail App image ? written right there is Cupertino, CA. As you know now, since i've just written about it, Cupertino is the HQ of apple. Nice job Apple.

There are more curiosities guys, but I'll keep for other posts, I want to keep you interested ! haha

sábado, 27 de outubro de 2012

Waking up dead

   There are lots of songs that have this name " waking up dead, wake up dead" and stuff like that, I've never thought of the real meaning of that, first, because i'm not american and not naturally english speaking, so hardly I would get any metaphor in a different language during my adolescence. Second, I'm started to get maturally smart lately so I think some thoughts come clearer now.
   Today i've woked up dead, basically, I got out of bed, walked a little, then i fell on my knees and everything was black I couldn't stand on my feet anymore, my head was all messy and simply I wasn't understandign what the heck was going on, then after some seconds I've finally start to see the dawn and everything became clearer again, it was 10am and I had overslept.No I've not passed the time of classes or I was killing college, It was a saturday and I had plenty of day to sleep.
   Fact is that yesterday I had a gig with my band and basically was very tired, I played 2 different shows and my voice and body were exhausted.And that's what i think is called Wake up dead, from english.
   Or maybe is just a slang for zombies waking up 3 am and going haunting in the city and eating brains and destroying homes and families, eating children's arms and destroying cars with or without insurance. I don't know, it might be that, well, zombies are as real as metal gigs, aren't they ?

quinta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2012

Apple Iphone 5 Review

Apple launched the iPhone 5, the most anticipated smartphone of the year. This time, most of the rumors were confirmed. The screen is actually larger, the connector is smaller than the previous ones and the headphones also changed. The presentation was made by the vice president of marketing at Apple, Phil Schiller, who at the beginning of the launch, surprised everyone with the information that the new iPhone will have 4G connection "global" and ultrafast wireless.

Who bet on the size of the device, right. Made of glass and aluminum, the new iPhone has retina screen of 4 inches with a resolution of 1136x640 pixels in 16x9 ratio, and 326 ppi. Moreover, the colors are more vibrant es sensors became even more sensitive.

Compared to the previous model, the new iPhone is 18% thinner and 20% lighter. "It's the world's thinnest smartphone," said Phil Schiller. The buttons remain in the same positions with the same number of columns (4) but with a line longer, giving more space for the icons of applications. The new iPhone will be available in black and white.

The camera of the new iPhone continues with 8 MP resolution but, according to Schiller, is 40% faster in capturing images. The camcorder is capable of recording movies with 1080p definition, and the front camera will have a resolution of 720p.

The audio system has been upgraded and three microphones: one in the front of the device, one behind and one in the center button. The graphics of the games also impressive. The executive producer of Electronic Arts, Rob Murray, did some demos of games on the new device.

The new A6 processor the iPhone 5 is two times faster than the previous one, the A5.
The iPhone 5 will have technology "ultrafast wireless" and be compatible with 4G connection.

According to Phil Schiller, the new iPhone's battery lasts 225 hours of stand-by and is capable of 8 hours of browsing over 3G or 4G, 10 hours connected via Wi-Fi and 40 hours Ocando songs.

The camera of the iPhone 5 will be able to make panoramic photos without the need to install applications to it. This feature existed on smartphones with Android system.

New Cable
Called the "Lighting", the new connector is 80% smaller, easier to use and have more durability. Whereas the current connectors are used in other Apple products since 2003, an adapter that will allow the use of old cables on the new iPhone will also be marketed.

terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y Review Part 2



   I did not like the unlock screen, the fact that you drag to any side and unlock, also did not like the shading on the day and the possible locations of where the show date and time. Disliked source in general, and the worst is not present information about the alarm clock on it. The cool thing is that it gives to set a different wallpaper used on the Home screen. Another thing missing from the device is an LED indicating if you have missed calls, sms or is loading, I miss that, had my X10, need not turn on the screen to know if something was lost in it.

   I have not found anywhere where they show the percentage of battery charge, I had to download a widget to display. So far I have not had to test how well the battery him, Peter's Useful Things're pushing me to do the review soon, I futucado it a lot, but the experience with the X10 Mini Pro, Galaxy 5 and iPhone 3G, I can say that the his battery is better than these 3, do not know if this is due to be better optimized Android 2.3 or if Samgung made ​​some improvement. I spent a lot of time with him futucando connected and the battery held up well, I can eventually post something more precise about the battery, and I count on readers to post impressions about anything else on the Galaxy Y.

   The camera of the Y is really a cell phone camera when you take a picture with it you know it's a cell phone photo, there's no way to disguise. I took several pictures here to put in the review and this was the best one. I miss my X10 camera MPro, was not like a real camera but it was better. The Y has 2MP, not that it has anything to do with the quality, alias think this question is more for marketing than anything, if I get my camera and Sony P8 shooting a VGA will be better than most photos taken by cell N MegaPixels. What counts most in image quality is the lens quality, size, and other things. The camera also features panoramic mode, never really wanted to take a panoramic photo, much less with a cell phone, but it is a positive point.