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Steve Wozniak thoughts about Apple and Android

Steve Wozniak, the benevolent genius who co-founded Apple, responded to some questions of Slashdot and although many responses are consistent with its incredible quietness and open mind, he's got some interesting advice for Apple. Here are some guesses free to Apple, O2 arena of Woz.

Steve Wozniak and Apple.

He would like to have bigger phones.

"I've seen in recent years a small screen in the middle of several big screens and felt, as others have, that larger screens has more value. Blame me for suggesting that this is one of the ports that Apple left wide open. iPhones are not inferior to other smartphones, and the cost is similar. 6 iOS is not less than Android. We can all live with one of them. I never said such a thing about Windows. So it has to be some reason for Apple to lose so many sales to other products. " Said him.

About coming back to Apple

"Apple is quite complex. I like simplicity. I enjoy doing what I am good, that is to enjoy technology. I honestly don't feel that I can do better than anyone else in a position at Apple. Jobs had the ability to make things happen and to influence them. If there is something that I will certainly be of great help for Apple, I'll be there in an instant, because Apple is number one in my heart. "

About open and closed source

          "There is no right opinion. I'm more through the opening. I believe you can create more innovative and better new products even when they are opened. But I could be wrong. Open products tend to be more complex. I suggest that maybe 80% of us or more technological ignorant and afraid to admit how little we know. I'm thinking about our mothers and fathers on this issue. Apple is a paradise for them are not confuse"

He would like Itunes on Androids

"Apple actually grew from the small market share of the Macintosh company for today's iProdutos starting with iTunes and the iPod. This turned out to be a second big deal that doubled the size of Apple. If you remember, we adapt the iTunes for Windows. We now have achieved 100% of the global market with this integrated system (iPod/iTunes) and this started the era of Apple that we are now. So why don't we adapt the iTunes for Android? Something is closed? I love Apple products and iTunes, and I want them in my products with Android as well."

Wozniak then really says it raw that he loves Androids, funny heh.

So that's it for now guys, we can all be dreaming about Wozniak's comeback to apple, but apparently it's not going to happen since he doesn't think he can do something good in there, saying that Jobs had the power to do that and influenciate people, while living. We can only pray ! I can't stand these iphone's without any other new improvement or really great difference, like Jobs used to do when he was the Director of Apple. After his death things have changed drastically, I hope people see it as I do.

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